and Accessibility

Wheelchair Accessibility: 

Our wheelchair accessibility is limited to traditional, manual wheelchairs. Due to structural pre-existing constraints, we are unable to provide access to motorized or oversized devices.

Website Accessibility: 

David Burke Tavern strives to provide all our Reservation, Navigation & Food Menus, location, hours and informational content in an easy to navigate text format for easy accessibility and compatibility.

Privacy – Statistics & Email Subscription:

David Burke Tavern collects statistics to help us improve our guests’ Website experience. Anonymized Website usages statistics are collected to understand which content is most useful to our guests and to insure a quality Website experience by identifying usability and device issues using Google Website standards.

Subscription to our David Burke Tavern email list is for the purpose of apprising our customers of menu updates, holidays, special events, opportunities to join Chef Burke at Chef’s Dinners. David Burke Tavern will NEVER sell your subscribed email addresses to 3rd Parties.